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SKYWALKER - “Late Eternity” European Tour 2021 | 01.12.21

01.12.2021 20:00 Uhr
Veranstalter: Backstage Concerts GmbH

 Die Veranstaltung muss aufgrund der Corona Pandemie und deren Folgen auf den 

 01.12.21 verlegt werden.

 Bereits gekaufte Tickets für die Show vom 27.02.21 behalten ihre Gültigkeit für den neuen Termin.

“The crowd lapped up their post-hardcore sound and the way they went at it, it was if they were the real stars of the show. You could tell that the band loved what they do and gave it their everything which was matched in enthusiasm by the audience.” 
— Highwire Magazine

What sets Skywalker apart is the crystal clear and refined mixing within the release. Truly, it’s something that is often absent in releases by acts within this scene and of similar size and calibre.” 
— noizze.co.uk

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SKYWALKER - “Late Eternity” European Tour 2021 | 01.12.21 Zoom

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